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Venue Verde was designed and built aiming to provide the best possible space and services to our clients. We provide an indoor and outdoor space that can be interconnected into one homogeneous area giving an unlimited possibilities for creating the desired atmosphere for an unforgettable and memorable event. To complete that, we have liaised with some of the finest providers for catering, lighting, music, flower artists and decorators whose reputation is second to none in the Lebanese market. If you are looking to tie the knot or celebrating your corporate success, or looking for that big space for your TV show, just honor us with your visit and we will help you make it happen. Should your schedule be full and in need for assistance to make your event, we have the staff and the expertise to make it all happen for you with very little effort from your side. At Venue Verde no event is too big to handle nor too small to care for, we welcome all those who are looking for that special event that may be for one day but will be remembered for years to come.

At Venue Verde we don't just set an event, we set a standard.